About Us

  • This group was formed to provide inspiration and motivation for any person interested in digital photography at all ability levels.

  • To provide  helpful suggestions and ideas to improve your photography.

  • Expose you to the work of other Photographers and like- minded people so we can all learn from each other.

  •   Provide enjoyment and fun Photographic activities for the Group

  • Provide Photography Challenges and Photo Competitions.

  • Photo Trips and workshops organized by the group so we can meet at certain times during the year.

  • Monthly Meetings. There are two Groups Novice and Advanced 

  •   Check our Programme Pages for Details



Photo by Kelly Wolfe Photography. https://kellywolfephotography.co.nz/

Anyone that has an interest in Digital Photography is welcome. The site will assist with ways to improve your phototaking. Meetings of the Group are provided from time to time.